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A new generation of DMT-W3 domestic flat shovel side expansion instrument

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A new generation of DMT-W3 domestic flat shovel side expansion instrument

       Recently (June 2014) engineers and technicians of Nanguang Geological Instrument Co., Ltd., after more than two years of hard work, with the guidance and assistance of relevant experts, the first generation of DMT-W1 was launched in the new millennium (2001). On the basis of the side expansion instrument, a new generation of DMT-W3 domestic flat shovel side expansion instrument was further developed. The new instrument is more innovative, more sensitive, more practical, more practical and more complete than the first generation instrument.
       The flat shovel side expansion tester (DMT) is an in-situ test instrument invented by Italian scholar Marchhtti in the 1970s. It is economical, simple and fast to operate, has small error, good data reproducibility and small human influence factors. Many important geotechnical parameters that are not available in the general test are widely used in various countries around the world. In the 1990s, our company spurred and supported many famous professors and experts in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi'an, Nanjing and Guangzhou. Under the guidance and assistance, the chairman of the company, Chen Huaifeng (former director of Nanguang Geological Instrument Factory), personally responsible for the overall planning of the overall design, led the research team to overcome the problems that followed, and also received the domestic enthusiastic experts to provide foreign flat shovel side expansion instrument Under the relevant materials, pictures and participation ideas, after the development and practice of more than three years, the first generation of DMT-W1 domestic flat shovel side expansion instrument was successfully developed.
       The DMT-W1 domestic instrument has added sensing and automatic control system (the foreign instruments did not have this precedent at that time), the signal automatic control, automatic data acquisition, automatic storage, and the DMT data processing system (software) can be bidirectional with the general computer. communication. After the development, the provincial science and technology department organized the identification of relevant domestic experts, and believed that the DMT-W1 instrument reached the international advanced level. The Ministry of Science and Technology also included the DMT-W1 flat shovel side expansion instrument as a “national key new product”. In the past ten years, the domestic DMT-W1 flat shovel side expansion instrument has been applied in many major projects of domestic transportation, railway, subway, shipping, urban construction and other systems, and has obtained many outstanding achievements, which has been favored and trusted by the surveying industry.
       In order to make the technical performance of the domestic flat shovel side expander to a higher level, it is more convenient, more stable and reliable in field application. Since 2012, the company has organized professional technicians to carry out innovative research and development of a new generation of flat shovel side swell. In the second quarter of 2014, the domestic DMT-W3 flat shovel side expansion instrument was successfully produced, and experiments were carried out in many projects in North China, Central South and East China, and satisfactory results were obtained.
       The new generation of DMT-W3 domestic flat shovel side expander has many advantages over the first generation of instruments:
       1、Test pressure range expanded: up to 0~6MPa
       2、The measuring and controlling instrument (supporting automatic control system) has been upgraded, the appearance is fashionable, the interface is clear, the operation is simple, and the screen is equipped with backlight function, which is good for night work. The volume is reduced by 1/4 or so, and the weight is only 1.55kg, which is 62 less than the original. %, the whole becomes smaller and lighter, and it is more convenient to carry and use.
       3、The test spacing can be adjusted at any time according to actual needs, which is more advantageous for field application.
       4、The amount of storage holes in the test results increased by more than 10 times compared with DMT-W1.
       5、Reduced power consumption, with rechargeable lithium battery, standby time of up to 24 hours.
       6、Using U disk storage transfer to transmit test data on the computer, the data transmission with the computer is more efficient and convenient.
       7、The performance is perfect, stable and reliable, the measurement is sensitive, the error is small, and the precision is further improved.
       8、Compatible with the original instrument software, test data, new and old instruments can be docked to achieve economical replacement.


Nanguang Geological Instrument Co., Ltd.    
Technical Research and Development Center         
September 2014    

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