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Welcome people of insight at home and abroad to come to negotiate business and technical cooperation
Wenling Nanguang Geological Instrument Co., Ltd. (formerly Nanguang Geological Instrument Factory) is located in Wenling Economic Development Zone on the southeast coast of Zhejiang Province. It has a new plant area of over 7,500 square meters. At present, the company has more than 70 employees, including more than 30 senior and intermediate engineers and professional technicians. The company has more than 80 sets of cutting machine tools and testing and testing equipment. In 2003, it was rated as “provincial high-tech enterprise”. “Nanguang Engineering Investigation and Testing Instrument Municipal High-tech R&D Center”. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has been dedicated to the production and research of geotechnical engineering survey and test instruments, and has developed a number of new products to pass the provincial and ministerial level appraisal. Three of them have filled the domestic technology gap and assessed as “national key new products”. The company has a number of product technology patents. The in-situ test instrument produced by 'Nanguang Company' is the enterprise with the largest production variety and the largest production volume in the same industry in China. It has load test, static penetration test, cross plate shearing, wave velocity test, flat shovel side expansion, straight More than 100 specifications for eight major categories of shear testing, dynamic penetration testing and standard penetration testing. In recent years, the company has developed a new high-tech field monitoring instrument, with a small pore water pressure gauge. Earth pressure box. Reinforcement meter. Electromechanical dial indicator (meter type external shift meter) true resistivity tester. Stress shovel. Some new products such as multi-point digital testers. Nanguang's products are constantly seeking new and refined products. They are favored by the surveying industry with practical, high-quality and multi-variety products. The products have been used in 29 provinces, cities and some countries in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Many major domestic construction projects have been used. Through the company's advanced instruments. Nanguang Company attaches great importance to enterprise management and attaches great importance to product quality. The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, providing reliable guarantee for the excellent product quality. The products such as static probes have passed the examination of the national technical supervision department and have obtained the “manufacturing measuring instruments”. license". Nanguang Company adheres to the development principle of “Credit First, People Oriented, Winning by Quality, Taking Prosperity”, and will intensify innovation, comprehensively improve quality and competitiveness, better meet user needs and build international advanced products. For the company to develop more and create greater social and economic benefits, we are willing to cooperate sincerely with new and old friends at home and abroad, mutual benefit and common development. We welcome people of insight at home and abroad to negotiate business and technical cooperation.


          The company always implements the policy of “complying with laws and regulations, creating a green environment, advocating occupational health, co-casting safety guarantees, leading customers to transport, and building first-class brands”. It adheres to the corporate spirit of “pragmatic cooperation and excellence” and abides by “Lide With the joint efforts of leaders and all employees led by the chairman of the board, the company has achieved rapid development and achieved outstanding achievements.
          The company has clear standards, strict reward and punishment system, flexible organizational structure and fierce internal competition. All employees of the company are full of rush, innovation and hard work, making the whole company flourish and energetic.
          At the same time, the company is people-oriented, respects employees, creates a harmonious atmosphere of unity, friendship, mutual trust and mutual assistance, strengthens group awareness, and creates strong cohesiveness and centripetal force among employees. The common values form a common goal and ideal. The employees of the company regard Nanguang as their own community of destiny and regard their work as an integral part of achieving the goal. The whole company has become a unified whole.
          At the beginning of the establishment of Nanguang Geological Instruments, the company established the long-term goal of building Nanguang's own corporate culture. After more than ten years of development, the material foundation of the company's corporate culture has gradually matured, and various carriers of corporate culture construction, such as : Organizational structure, working atmosphere, cultural activities, employee care, team building, etc., are maturing, and gradually become standardized and normalized. In the face of the new situation, the company will continue to strengthen the condensing and upgrading of corporate culture. While summing up the past, the company has grasped the details of management, implemented various cultural construction measures, and strived to grasp the corporate culture in the process of rapid development. In particular, we must dig up the potential in terms of employee stability and care, and create a corporate atmosphere. We will mobilize the participation of employees, and use the company's party committees, trade unions, and league committees as organizational guarantees to carry out a series of corporate culture construction, so that the company's culture becomes Supporting the company's lasting drive to achieve its strategic goals and create a true “cultural Nanguang”.
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